Installing a replacement Computer

We can purchase a new computer for you. We’ll choose the best value for you based on your needs and what’s available at the time. If you prefer you can take our advice and pick one up by yourself. When the computer comes in we’ll bring it up to our office and get windows up to date and then install it at your office. We can install any software needed, such as Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel and Outlook for reading email. We can copy any needed data from the old computer to the new one so that whoever is using the computer can start right away to work with it, instead of spending time getting it setup. Networked office printers need to be connected, and email configured on the new system. With our help what seems like a daunting task to be put off sometimes for months can be quick and painless. Don’t have your staff struggle with an old slow computer, costing you thousands in lost revenue and possibly even a lost employee because of their frustration. Once the new computer is up and running, we can do a short training session on any differences, and be on hand by phone or email to answer questions.